How long does it take to get a custom rod built?

A custom rod takes a little longer that a factory rod to build due to the fact that every phase is custom made. That being said it generally takes five days to complete once the process begins.

What type of rods do you build?

With the exception of Off Shore and heavy bay rods we make most anything you want. To include casting, spinning, fly in both freshwater and saltwater.

What brand of components do you use on a rod?

Rods built by TCR use only the highest quality components. Rod blanks used are St. Croix, MHX, Rod Geeks, Rainshadow, Seeker, Gary Loomis's Northfork Composites and more.  Other components used are Fuji, American Tackle, Batson, Alps and Pac Bay.

How much input will I have on my rod?

One thing we understand at TCR is that this is YOUR custom rod. You will make choices on every phase of construction. The brand the length, action and power of the rod blank. On grips you choose the material; cork, foam or Winn's, then the color of them and whether it will be a full or split grip. As for guides, you pick out the color style and material. 

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. The Manufacturer of the rod blank's warranty is passed on to you. In addition we offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

How much does a custom rod cost?

Pricing of our custom rods is very competitive to that of a quality factory built rod.  The total cost is more dependent on choices you make on components, quality and styles. There is no standard price, as it ranges depending on the selection of materials. You'll be provided a quote, before production begins.

Do you repair rods ?

Yes. A big portion of my business is rod repair.  From simple guides and tip replacement to cork repair and replacement to complete makeovers.  Broke your rod ? No problem we can put it back together as shown in the gallery.  Rod extension as well as shortening is offered.